General Synod – final

With apologies for not updating this blog for several weeks.  The General Synod results for Southwark Diocese were gratifying in the house of laity – Adrian Greenwood and Peter Haddock re-elected, and Brian Wilson newly elected, at least three out of seven places to orthodox candidates.  The house of clergy only managed one orthodox candidate out of eight places; I did not get a look-in, my age probably counted against me, and my desire to work closely with orthodox catholic anglicans is fairly unique.  Congratulations to Gary Jenkins being elected;  Rupert Shelley only missed election by a whisker; if one of the others drop out within two years for whatever reason, he gets in; he has only just been ordained, as curate at Emmanuel, Wimbledon;  he had been on Synod last time round, as an Oxford lay member.  Michael Blackman was only one behind Rupert.