A visit to Pastor Wilhelm Tesch

A late post-Easter break was spent with Wilhelm, a friend since 1967 – the one with the most facial hair.   He came as a theological student to Durham for two terms, completing his year in the UK at St Andrews.  He joined with great enthusiasm a group of students that I was part of, working with young people in and around Durham, a year later he and I took a group of friends to Venice in two old vehicles.  Over the following years we organised several exchanges between his Saxony parishes and my parishes in the North-East and here in Morden, Surrey, UK.  Wilhelm has had to struggle with bad health, and more so during the last few years.  After serious heart operations recently, he underwent one hip operation last week.  With the love and care of his wife Christiana he is making an excellent recovery.  Thank God for the excellent medical care he has received.  Before his last operation, Hilary and I, together with mutual friends Mike and Mandy Williams were able to spend a few days with Wilhelm and Christiana at their home near Bremen.  We had good discussions, and prayer focused on the Coventry cross of nails together with the Stalingrad Madonna drawn by Kurt Reuber, an army chaplain doctor;  he died later in a prison of war camp.  Wilhelm remains as stimulating a friend as ever.