Resigning my rectory, accepting new licence

Hilary and I are not looking forward to tonight’s party, but sitting through a  ‘desert island discs’ should at least provide some thinking space.  I have a little more control over tomorrow morning as I am preaching for the last time as rector, then my colleague Precious Omuku is in charge at tomorrow night’s Holy Communion.  Then a week of packing up before moving, with three evenings of meetings; my licence does not formally run out until June 30th – Armed Services Day parade and prayers outside St Lawrence Sat 29th.

A new General Preachers licence from the Bishop of Southwark, kicks in I hope on July 1st.  At the moment, its sub-text is: “Encouraging Gospel ministry with other Faith communities in the London Boroughs of Merton and Sutton.”  On July 6th, a ‘Meeting for Better Understanding’ is hopefully being arranged with the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.  The Morden Park Playing Fields Community Trust is running a public consultation at the moment prior to going for planning permission for our sports project – assuming that is forthcoming, then just a matter of finding the £4million needed to set it up properly!

With apologies for several weeks gap in blogging, to anyone with nothing better to do than to wait for my next contribution.  Packing up after 24 and a half years in a big house does take some organising while trying to keep up with everything else.  I hope to blog more often, once I settle down to non-stipendiary ministry (ie living on a pension). Retirement? I thought you had to have a proper job to retire from – obviously I have never had that….