New Testament hospitality

Snapshot 1 (15-03-2015 23-13)

Armed Forces Day, Morden, Surrey, 30th June 2012.  According to some news reports this weekend, the Anglican diocese of Southwark has a new scandal for Bishop Christopher to deal with, namely a church being used not only for Muslim prayers, but where the vicar apparently joined in.  I need to dig below the headlines to discover what was going on, and the possible extra ammunition that the event has given to those who want to hurt, and/or kill Christians.

The offer of hospitality from Morden churches was based on listening to one another’s prayers for our Armed Forces on that particular day, and for the last three annual Armed Forces Days since, but so as not to ask either for a Christian compromise, or a Muslim or Buddhist one (Morden has a growing Nepalese, ex-Ghurka community).  We meet outside the church boundary, while alongside the war-memorial lychgate.

Much food for thought and prayer, in  and subsequent comment so far – near midnight on the 19th…..