Looking to the future


In “Watchman, what of the night?” my last blog in July, I described watching the dawn.  In September, I had the privilege again of watching it for two weeks in Madagascar.  For many Republican voters in the U.S. election, it may seem a new dawn is breaking over Washington, for other Republican voters they wonder if it is a false dawn.  I know that for some Christians, their vote for Donald Trump was a protest vote without their seriously expecting him to win the presidency.  As each new (24hour) day dawns, pray for the U.S. president-elect, that the advisers he chooses will be people who listen for God’s leading, as we pray that also, for ourselves.  And, pray that they learn more and more, as all Christians need to, that forgiveness is the Cross-shaped truth at the very centre of building real and lasting peace.

My next blog may be some time coming.  Since I retired from parish ministry three years ago, the number of people visiting this blog has dropped to only a few a week.  I hope I have not wasted too much the opportunity of retirement, to listen more to God through His Word, and to do the work he has given me to do.  Meanwhile – I would be happy to keep in touch with any who would like to do so, at email: skinhicks@tiscali.co.uk