Ordination 50th anniversary

The service features:
## Garth Hewitt singing two songs,
## an interview with bishop Precious Omuku,
## Richard Bewes version of the Venite, and a traditional chanting of Psalm 84 (by Newbottle church choir, in 1986!)
## my ‘on-line’ sermon of August 30th 2020, at Bidborough
## a ‘Book of Common Prayer’ communion service with Hilary
## and a summing up from me (provisional).

About ‘on-line’ communion. As I understand Church of England rules, if you share something to eat, maybe a bit of bread, and drink something a beverage at the same time as an on-line communion, that constitutes a ‘spiritual communion’ but not an actual communion. Hmmm. My own understanding is that God is bigger than our space and time, so if you want to count it as an actual communion, He does too – even if the Church of England does not. It does not need my magical/ priestly touch.
If you do join Hilary and I, please let us know by email, so that at some point in the future, I will know how many joined us in this 50th anniversary of ordination Holy Communion.
You can of course email me anyway, even if only to say you could have spent the time watching something much more interesting.

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